Joy of Elixir - Table of Contents

Part One: Introductions

  1. But who is this book for really?
  2. Elixir? Isn't that something you drink?

Part Two: And away we go

  1. Appeasing the masses with code
  2. Now, where did I put that value?
  3. Lovely lists
  4. Marvellous maps
  5. Funky functions
  6. Pattern matching
  7. Part 2: Recap

Part Three: Building on the foundations

  1. Working with strings, input and output
  2. Working with lists
  3. Working with maps
  4. Working with files
  5. Conditional code
  6. Finding more functions
  7. Modules and Structs

Part Four: Real world Elixir

  1. Introduction to Mix
  2. How to test your code

The Appendixes

  1. Setup and install
  2. Exercise Solutions